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"Elegance in Every Spray: Chic Relief for Chronic Comfort"


We now carry the beloved brand Poo Pourri- This is the epitome of discreet luxury and practicality for managing bathroom moments with grace.  Poo Pourri offers more than just a pleasant scent; it provides a gentle relief during moments of distress, allowing you to maintain your dignity and comfort.

  • Compact and convenient, these Poo Pourri scents discreetly fit into your routine, ensuring you're always prepared to manage unexpected moments with grace. 
  • Infused with calming essential oils, our Poo Pourri eases bathroom anxiety, creating a serene atmosphere even in the midst of discomfort.

  Perfectly sized to slip into any purse or bag, whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift bundle, our Trio Pack is the ideal companion for those navigating the challenges of frequencies of chronic illnesses.  

Poo-Pourri On-The-Go Toilet Spray

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Travel Size 10ml Gift Set.  Up to 20 uses each travel size bottle. 

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