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Here's to Non-sticky, non-tacky, always perfectly shiny solution for gorgeous lips. 

The moisturizing formula is enriched with vitamins C and E that hydrate and conditions your lips.  

Delight in the subtle, empowering fragrance of vanilla formula that uplifts your spirits.  

Dermatologist-tested, and tested for skin irritancy and allergy.  


Gloss for A Cause Lipgloss

Excluding Sales Tax
  • For every lipgloss purchase, one will be donated on your behalf to a women whose currently undergoing Breast Cancer at a local clinic.  Wear your lipgloss with pride, knowing that your purchase will bring a smile to someone who is facing a devastating disease.  

    Let your lips speak volumes- of beauty, of strength, and of hope.  Together we can brighten someone's day; one glossy smile at a time. :)

    One Purchased=One Donated!

  • You have been given a kiss for the cure! This gloss is for you. May you feel as beautiful as we know you are.

    Sincerely, The ( last name of person who purchased gloss) family of ( city and state).


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